Marine Assessment Studies

The Oceanic Institute is a nonprofit research foundation dedicated to the advancement and transfer of technology in aquaculture, marine sciences and the environment. OI performs basic research and provides professional services on a fee basis.

Environmental monitoring and impact assessment services are provided by the Fisheries and Environmental Sciences Department (F&ES), one of four departments within the Institute.

The Fisheries and Environmental Sciences Department provides expert professional services in the areas of marine fisheries management and restoration; marine environmental survey and analysis, impact assessment and mitigation; chemical and biological analysis; mathematical modeling of physical and biological systems; and mapping and analysis of spatial data using geographic information systems (GIS).

Professional services are also provided for aquaculture facilities in the areas of site selection and impact analysis; monitoring and control system design and implementation; and effluent analysis and treatment.

The Fisheries and Environmental Sciences Department brings to its assessments of potential environmental impact a current knowledge of the state of the art in assessment techniques; a fully-equipped water quality laboratory capable of providing analyses of a range of important environmental parameters; a suite of oceanographic instrumentation which represents the state of the art in remote measurement; advanced capabilities in mathematical modeling and analyses; and personnel with expertise based on years of work in a range of environments.

Facilities include a well-equipped water quality and tissue analytical laboratory; oceanographic profiling systems for light, temperature, salinity, turbidity, microalgal biomass and production; and computer systems and software for data compilation and statistical analysis, mathematical modeling, word processing, preparation of presentation graphics, and desktop publishing.

The water quality laboratory at The Oceanic Institute maintains a high level of quality through utilization of published and accepted analytical techniques; current technology for laboratory instrumentation; frequent instrumentation calibration and standardization; quality assurance through the use of sample blanks, unknowns and additions; and participation in national blind analytical testing and evaluation.

The Environmental Sciences Program has performed over 60 environmental studies and impact analyses for clients including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; the State of Hawaii Department of Health and Department of Land and Natural Resources; the City and County of Honolulu; private resort, residential, and aquaculture developers; and engineering, architecture and planning firms. Following is information on several recent assessments done by OI.