Education is a vital component of our mission.

OI holds educational workshops and seminars to teach both high school and college students about marine science and aquaculture. As future stewards and leaders of tomorrow's economy, it's important for Hawaii's youth to gain an appreciation for and an understanding of our marine environment.

Our high school and college education programs aim to give students an understanding of the aquaculture industry in order to show those who are interested in marine life and biology the potential career opportunities. Our courses give students real-life exposure to the research our scientists are currently working on while providing hands-on skill development.

One way we try to pique the interest of students is by integrating practical aquaculture in educational workshops to provide real-life meaning to academics. In these living laboratories, students make observations and record and analyze data as part of a meaningful aquaculture experience that follows organisms from birth to the marketplace.

OI's courses emphasize the need for sustaining and protecting the complex and fragile marine environment.

Students consider the difficult choices involved in ocean resource management by weighing conflicting demands for limited resources. They address the dilemma of increasing food supplies while simultaneously conserving resources.

Students examine and debate critical current issues such as:

  • the importance of biodiversity to the coastal zone
  • the implication of genetics research for marine biotechnology
  • depletion and degradation of coastal marine resources
  • control of aquaculture effluents
  • the role of fish meals and fish oils in agricultural feeds
  • increasing global food demands.