Hawaii Pacific University

Oceanic Institute became an affiliate of Hawai'i Pacific University in July 2003.

Through the affiliation, Hawai'i Pacific University and Oceanic Institute aim to establish a leading global center for research and education in the marine environmental and life sciences to serve Hawaii, the nation, and the world.

Improved academic programs will be made available to Hawaii's students and teachers, including:

  • Teacher education programs in the sciences, ranging from workshops for teachers with the State of Hawaii Department of Education to the creation of a master's program in teaching sciences
  • Science education outreach to Hawaii's K-12 students
  • Student internship programs
  • Graduate student research assistantships via enhanced graduate programs in the sciences
  • Expanded research in marine science and biotechnology
  • Expansion of HPU's research capacity
  • Establishment of joint research opportunities for HPU students, faculty, and OI scientists
  • Conversion of HPU into a university with a major research component
  • Development of facilities for joint research and education
  • New undergraduate courses in marine science taught at the Oceanic Institute?s Learning Center
  • New master's and doctoral programs in the sciences
  • New certificate programs in marine sciences

    Already, HPU and OI have begun collaborating. Students and researchers are involved in:

  • Regular and summer program HPU classes are held at OI's Outdoor Learning Center
  • HPU students are doing research internships at OI
  • HPU undergraduate and graduate students in the communications program are assisting OI to develop and deliver communications various materials for various OI departments
  • Tours or site visitations by students, prospective students, and faculty
  • HPU faculty members and OI researchers are able to collaborate on individual research both at OI and in the field

    For more information about the Hawaii Pacific University's Master of Science in Marine Science program at the Oceanic Institute click here.