Research Staff

Aquatic Feeds and Nutrition Department
Dr. Dong-Fang Deng, Interim Director
Dr. Zhi Yong Ju, Research Scientist
Richard Lee, Research Technician

Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture and Aquaculture Exchange Program
Dr. Cheng-Sheng Lee, Director
Maggie Ma, Administrative Assistant

Finfish Department
Dr. Chad Callan, Research Scientist
Dean Kline, Research Associate

Shrimp Department
Dustin Moss, Director
Paul Ahina, Research Assistant
Lisa Akamine, Administrative Assistant
Steve Arce, Research Associate
Kory Chang, Research Technician
Jenilee Dowda, Research Assistant
John Ginoza, Research Technician
Stephanie Ng, Research Technician
Amy Provost, Research Technician
Clete Otoshi, Research Associate
Alyssandra Rousseve, Research Technician
Cassandra Turner, Research Technician