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Founded in 1960, Oceanic Institute is an applied aquaculture research facility located on a 56-acre site at Makapuu Point on the windward coast of Oahu, Hawaii, with facilities on the Big Island of Hawaii as well. A year-round tropical climate provides ideal working conditions and allows for uninterrupted research. Other benefits of our location include:

  • The state's long coastline is home to a variety of near-shore marine forms, while a rapidly dropping sea shelf provides a unique window into deep marine ecosystems.
  • It is a pristine marine environment with minimal pollution and diverse conditions. Near shore waters are well protected and deeper water is easily accessible.
  • A federally funded deepwater upwelling project provides access to cold water for varied species research
  • Hawai'i attracts researchers from around the world. OI has renowned scientists from Scotland, Canada, Greece, Japan, Italy, Taiwan, Russia, Australia, Hong Kong, and Belgium, among others.
  • The Asian market is easily accessible, with close ties between many Island companies and Asian conglomerates.
  • Hawaii is a jumping off point to other Pacific Islands with many direct flights and strong community ties.
  • Hawaii is also convenient and attractive for Asian students and scientists.

These strengths make Hawaii a leading site for innovations ranging from high-technology marine culture systems to new pharmaceuticals resulting from marine biotechnology advances.