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Our Mission

Oceanic Institute is a not-for-profit research and development organization dedicated to marine aquaculture, biotechnology, and coastal resource management.

Our mission is to develop and transfer economically responsible technologies that increase aquatic food production while promoting the sustainable use of ocean resources.

OI works with community, industry, government and academic partners, and nongovernmental organizations to benefit the state, the nation, and
the world.

Oceanic Institute's Role and Vision are evident and clear, given the significance of aquaculture. Entering the new millennium, aquaculture is the fastest growing food production system. Ever increasing needs for water, nutrients, energy, and land call for the development of even more efficient and productive farming systems that are environmentally sustainable in order to responsibly manage our critical resources. As we chart the course in a new millennium, we will aggressively engage our minds to:

  • Harness science to improve food production
  • Develop technologies to improve industry productivity and competitiveness
  • Champion stewardship of our coastal resources
  • Invest in the future through education and training

Among other goals, we will intensify research to:

1. Move marine aquaculture systems away from environmentally sensitive and resource-constrained coastal sites to less intensive inland and off-shore locations.

2. Formulate specialized aquatic feeds that work in consonance with micro-organisms in natural pond waters to improve growth rates of marine shrimp and fish.

3. Demonstrate the feasibility of open-ocean cage culture systems that take advantage of the vast ocean resources in an environmentally sustainable manner.

4. Develop culture capabilities to restore depleted fisheries of important and endangered food and ornamental species.