Research Challenges


American agriculture has long benefited from research discoveries in botany, zoology, chemistry and physics to advance crop production. Today, as our poultry, swine, and cattle industries reach record levels of yield and profit, aquaculture too is moving forward as a result of advances in microbiology, genetics, nutrition, ecology, animal behavior, veterinary science and molecular chemistry.

Lessons learned in terrestrial meat production, where production systems efficiently raise superior animals bred for specific traits in controlled conditions, are being applied by OI's researchers. The key to aquatic animal production is controlling the entire life cycle. This is begun by replicating natural environmental conditions through control of lighting and temperature, or by inducing spawning through safe hormonal intervention and behavioral controls.

Understanding feeding requirements at each stage of the growout cycle is essential. OI's feed and nutrition specialists are able to create tailored diets to enhance the growth and development of the target species.