Seafood Best Choices

Seafood Best Choices

Environmental Defense adds U.S.-farmed shrimp to its "Best Choices" seafood selector card for consumers

Oceanic Institute praised Environmental Defense on its recent decision to add U.S.-farmed shrimp to its "Best Eco-Choices" seafood selector consumer card - which is expected to help Hawaii shrimp farmers by increasing demand.

Environmental Defense is a leading national environmental organization that is dedicated to finding solutions to problems facing the world's marine environments. The group created the card to help consumers select seafood that is both ecologically friendly and healthy to eat because it is low in dangerous contaminants. This information can be found on their new Oceans Alive campaign website at

The card, which ranks seafood by its impact environmental impacts, as well as by contaminant levels, added U.S.-farmed shrimp for the first time this year.

Oceanic Institute - working as part of the United States Marine Shrimp Farming Program (USMSFP), a consortium of seven of the nation's leading shrimp research institutions - helped develop the breakthrough research that gave U.S.-based shrimp farmers the boost they needed to grow healthy shrimp in an environmentally-friendly way.