About Hawai'i's OceansAbout Our Oceans

Our oceans contain resources of enormous potential benefit so it is vital that we manage them well. Although two-thirds of the earth is covered by water, we still know very little about our deep-sea environments. Incredibly, there are more maps of the moon than there are of the
sea bed.

Understanding our oceans' marine ecosystems is a critical factor in how we manage our oceans. By funding and supporting marine science projects we are learning about the oceans in many ways.

This knowledge is crucial to the creation of regional marine plans, which will enable the sustainable development of our oceans and their resources for future generations.

Education is also key in promoting an understanding of our oceans, a sense of stewardship and a commitment to keeping our oceans healthy. We have collected here a few resources for educators, parents and students that provide links to help understand our oceans and what we can do to protect them.