Hawaii's Ocean-Focused Community

Here are a few local organizations dedicated to preserving our oceans and marine life. Also check out the important links and information on marine weather and ocean advisories.

Waikiki Aquarium
A part of the University of Hawaii since 1919, the Aquarium is located next to a living reef on the Waikiki shoreline. The Waikiki Aquarium has been designated as the Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center for the Pacific Island Region.

Dept of Agriculture, Aquaculture Development
An information source and guide to getting started in aquaculture in Hawaii, presented by the Hawaii Aquaculture Development Program (ADP).

Pacific Marine Life Foundation
A Hawaii-based non-profit organization concerned with protecting marine life and preserving the ecosystems of the Pacific through public education, research and species-saving intervention.

The Nature Conservancy
The mission of this group is to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.

Hawaiian Islands Recent Marine Data

Hawaii Oceans: Emergency Assistance and Vital Services